Friday, 15 April 2022

MAY SCREENING: Tuesday 17th May - The 400 Hundred Blows -

Connaught Cinema         


Date: TUESDAY 17th May 2022

Place: Connaught Cinema

Time: 8.15pm

Free for members

Non-members: £7.50/Students £6.50

Membership is £35 per year for 10 screenings

Francois Truffaut said over and over that Cinema literally saved his life, It took a delinquent student and gave him something to love. With the encouragement of his mentor Andre Bazin Truffaut became a film critic and then made The 400 Blows by his 27th birthday. If the New Wave marks the dividing point between classic and modern cinema (and many think it does), then Truffaut is likely the most beloved of modern directors - the one whose films resonated with the deepest, richest love of moviemaking.  The palpable feeling of intense intimacy can be explained by the fact that the film was Inspired by Truffaut's own early life, it shows a resourceful boy growing up in Paris and apparently dashing headlong into a life of crime. Beautifully and shot in black and white, in a  matter-of-fact neutrality that borders on the documentary The 400 Blows demolishes the barriers between autobiography and fiction, actor and character, performance and personality. It is one of the most intensely touching stories ever made about a young adolescent. with an astonishingly natural performance from its young star Jean-Pierre Leaud. It is very poignant but never marred by being sentimental.

As landmark films go, this is one unassuming masterpiece: intimate, accessible, funny, honest, fresh and heartbreaking.This semi-autobiographical tale allows Truffaut to excel with material only he knows best and create a film that will remain a classic.

‘Jean-Pierre Léaud dazzles at the heart of an autobiographical opus that invites new waves of adulation with each viewing’ Peter Bradshaw - The Guardian

'Truffaut's masterful debut is one of the all-time-great coming-of-age movies and concludes with the most expressive freeze-frame in the history of the medium.’ Time Out

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