Thursday, 14 October 2021

NOVEMBER Monday 8th: DUNE - Connaught Cinema 

November's screening is David Lynch's 1984 adaptation of Frank Herberts seminal 
sci-fi masterpiece Dune at The Connaught Cinema.
Date:  Monday 8th November 2021
Tickets: free to members/ member's one guest £5
£7.50 for adults £6.50 for seniors and students
Doors open: 8.00pm 

Firstly can we say how happy WFC are to be back and preceding with this our first screening of 2021!  

With the new hotly tipped version of Dune from Denis Villeneuve about to land in cinemas in a few weeks WFC thought it would be timely and prudent to re-examine the original  made by David Lynch in 1984. Adapted from the sprawling and epic Sci-Fi novel Dune, it was a rare critical and box office flop from the maestro Lynch. Rumoured that he only agreed because the studios would finance his cherished Blue Velvet, it came with a hefty 50 million dollar budget. With that budget Lynch found he lost creative control to the Studio and an eviscerated version was delivered to cinemas. Whether a longer version would have made for a better film is open to some debate. 

Is it a masterpiece, a disaster or somewhere in between? Certainly a film to divide audiences - it has its champions as well as its denouncers. Perhaps it was too much to expect that the protracted and complex Machiavellian political machinations coupled with the dazzling sci-fi aspects of the novel could be distilled down to 2 hours and 17 minutes (tellingly at a similar length Villeneuve’s version takes on only half the novel). Flawed, at times unfocused and overly convoluted  - Lynch bewilderingly added aspects not in the novel - it still has moments of dark skewed brilliant flourishes that are Lynch’s stock and trade (marks). It certainly makes it a fascinating curio from one of cinemas’ independent darkly surrealist maestros attempting to enter the realm of of the mainstream and trying to straddle both spaces to very curious effect. WFC think it’s an enchanting flawed oddity that will dazzle and delight and confuse and annoy in equal measure. So please come and make up your own mind and remember ‘The Spice Must Flow!’                                         

Watch the trailer here:

'There are, admittedly, some moments of expressionist panache and dreamlike strangeness; it sometimes feels like a freewheeling sci-fi production of a lost Shakespeare Roman play.' Peter Bradshaw The Guardian

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