Wednesday, 21 March 2018

APRIL - Mediterraneo 1991

APRIL's screening we are back at Coast cafe.

This time we will be warming up our programming with the Italian director, Gabriele Salvtores' award winning comedy....

Join us on Wednesday 18th April, doors open 7.30pm
Film at 8pm.

The film tells the story of a disparate group of WW2 Italian soldiers who are sent to occupy a small remote Greek island, where the war becomes a distant memory. As time passes, the soldiers gradually shed their military defences and reveal who they really are and what they really want from life. Each with a different past and a different dream to chase. Whilst living on this remote Greek idyll, this unlikely group of comrades become a close bunch of firm friends who learn more about the futility and absurdity of war there than fighting on the front line. Alongside the heart warming human stories there is an underlining comment on the state of the Italian fascistic dream of a bright new future. A future that was never to be.

A disarmingly powerful anti-war, anti-fascist film which warms the heart, sparks the imagination and gives food for thought. With great characterisations and unforgettable landscapes, Mediterraneo is multi-layered in its simple storytelling. Not to be missed!

Mediterraneo won the Oscar for Best Foreign Film in 1992 as well as winning the national David Donatello Award for Best film and soundtrack. Other awards won at the Palm Springs film festival and a Silver Ribbon

Watch the trailer here.

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