Sunday, 17 January 2016

FEBRUARY FILM - 'TANGERINE' Monday 8th Feb - Connaught Studio, Worthing 8.15pm

After January's Taxi Tehran, we bring you another inventive film that's low on budget, but high on praise. 

Filmed entirely iPhone's, Sean Baker's Tangerine (2015) is a comedy drama about 2 transgender sex workers trekking across town to seek out an unfaithful boyfriend. It wowed audiences across the festival circuit and had praise heaped upon it by critics for it's refreshing style, acting and character development. 

"A bit of a marvel - combines extraordinary visual inventiveness, humour and pathos" The Independent

The film is free to film club members (£35 year for 12+ films, plus free use of our DVD library), or £7 to non-members. Details of how to join can be found here and don't forget to follow us on Facebook

Screening 8.15pm at The Connaught Studio on Monday 8th Feb.

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