Wednesday, 6 January 2016

JANUARY FILM - 'TAXI TEHRAN' Monday 11th January 8.15pm at The Connaught

We kick off the new year with a fantastic film about the nature of artistic freedom as acclaimed Jafar Panahi ('This Is Not A Film') from making films in his native Iran, poses as a taxi driver and films the various passengers he picks up on the streets of his home city in Taxi Tehran.

It's a joyride of a journey into guerlllia film-making with both humour and a message about contemporary Iranian society that has wowed the critics - and picking up the Golden Bear at The Berlin Film Festival, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.

"A work of invention and brio expression of faith in the act of film-making as a vital and joyous undertaking" The Guardian 5/5

The film is free to film club members (£35 year for 12+ films, plus free use of our DVD library), or £7 to non-members. Details of how to join can be found here 

Screening 8.15pm at The Connaught Studio on Monday 11th January.

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  1. A great response to our first film of the year with 34% rating 'Taxi Tehran' as Excellent / 34% Very good / 26% Good and 5%Average giving the film an impressive WFC score of 8.62 / 10 (which would have put it 4th in last years film list).